Supporting families: enhancing experiences



Our Breakfast club will be completely free for all children as we are going into partnership with Greggs who will be funding us for two years to make sure all of our children have access to a healthy and nutritious breakfast every day at no cost to parents.
Every day there will be a selection of items including: fruit juice, milk, toast, cereals, fruit and a selection of pastries, crumpets, pancakes or porridge.
Breakfast club is available to all children in school from nursery to Y6 and from 7.45-8.00 there will be a charge of £1.00 for childcare but if children arrive after 8am there is no charge.
We want to help as many families attend breakfast club as possible but we do have to maintain the correct ratios for supervision so places are limited so booking is essential for nursery and recommended for all other year groups to ensure your child gets a place.



We regularly change our after school clubs and these can be booked in conjunction with our wrap around care to ensure that your child is able to access all we are able to offer.  All clubs can be booked and paid for through our parent pay system and if your child is in receipt of pupil premium funding then we could help you with the costs please make an appointment to see Mrs McCullagh to discuss how we can help.

Our clubs are a mixture of sport, arts and craft, science, board games and music; there is always something for everyone to enjoy!



We offer a wrap around care service which runs from 3.10 until 5.15 every evening.  This can be booked in conjunction with our other after school clubs which finish at 4.15 at the latest as an add on provision. 

Our wrap around care is available for all children from Nursery to Y6.  

Prices are as follows:

15:15-16:15  £5.00 per child per night (no tea at this time)

15:15-17:15 - £9.00 per child per night

16:15-17:15 - £5.00 for Wrap around care to follow after school activity

For a light tea served after 16:15 the cost is £1.50.  This varies each day and is on a 3 week cycle. Please see the link below which details the menu and the activities which are available.

In order to support families we do offer discounts for a full weekly bookings and discounts for sibling groups.  For example 5 nights pre-booked for 5 full sessions of 15:15 - 17:15 sessions would be a discounted rate of £50.00 including tea. A second child will be given a 20% discount. Please speak to us if you have more than 2 children to book in.

We also accept the Government's vouchers for child care costs please speak to the office if you would like to pay using these vouchers. Here is some information about how you can claim help with childcare from the Government.

Please note if any child is collected late there will be an extra charge of £5 on the session.

Bookings will need to be made in advance. Fees must be paid through parent pay and your child must be booked in.