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Education Health Care plans (EHCP)

What is an Education Health and Care Plan?

For some children with complex needs even the wide range of services available in nurseries and schools is not enough to help them achieve their full potential. If your child is still not making progress, even with support from school, you can ask us to assess him or her for an education, health and care plan (EHCP).

An EHCP is a legal document which describes your child’s needs. It sets out the education, health and care services needed to meet those needs and the type of educational place that would best suit your child. Your child could have a plan from birth to 25 if he or she stays in education, and the plan will change and develop as your child gets older. The EHCP replaces the statement of SEN or, in college or further education, a learning disabilities assessment (LDA). 

What an EHCP will mean for your child?

The plan brings together in one place all the information we need to help us support your child. There can be a lot of organisation needed and the plan is a single clear guide to providing services to meet your child’s individual needs.

EHC Hub: Education, Health and Care Plans

The EHC Hub is a new digital approach for assessing needs and creating and reviewing EHC plans. It puts families, professionals and young people at the heart of the process and enables true collaboration and transparency between all the groups involved.

The EHC Hub is planned to go live for new requests in October 2020.

What the EHC Hub do?

Providing a secure, digital touchpoint for everyone involved in the 20-week EHC process, the Hub transforms how requests are managed, monitored and shared, and encourages collaboration by improving communication at every stage.

What they offer

  • Young people / families a voice so they can input and be updated
  • Local authorities a single, secure platform to coordinate planning and collaboration
  • Healthcare professionals a simple way to contribute digitally
  • Education settings a seamless EHC referral method direct to local authorities

By working closely with stakeholders, Open Objects has developed a product that digitises what is typically an extremely complex, paper-heavy and demanding process for all involved. The Hub ensures coordination and allows the stakeholder network to work collaboratively.

How to access the hub

Accessible via mobile, tablet and PC, the Hub greatly improves tracking capabilities, noting the date an assessment request is made and the commencement date of the EHC process. Once recorded, neither of these can be changed, ensuring transparency and ownership.

The Hub puts young people back at the heart of the EHC process, and ensures every voice is heard by enabling a wide-range of people to submit their contributions to the same digital platform from multiple locations. Young people and parents can even upload photos and videos in support of the ‘All about me’ section. Being able to deliver cohesion at every point in the EHC journey is a fundamental step forward for the sector.

Find out more about the EHC Hub on the Open Objects website or by calling 01223 422200.

“Ensuring a transparent and a truly family-centred approach should be at the heart of any EHC process and being able to offer a dedicated online hub for families to access and actively contribute information is key in achieving this.”

Marj Povey Lead for SEND Services City of Stoke on Trent

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