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Year 6




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Knowledge Organisers

Perimeter Area and Volume


Frozen Kingdom


Y5 and 6 Spellings

Problem solving in Maths

We worked in pairs to solve some problems involving the area of triangles. It was hard work but by using our talk partners we found the answers.


Lab rascals

Lab Rascals came to teach us about polymers while we made slime as part of science week. We really enjoyed it and learned some exciting new skills and science facts!


 CAFOD fundraising

Year six had a fabulous time on the football assault course that Mr. Allot set up for Cafod’s ‘What’s Your Goal?’ fundraising day.  He even managed to organise some good weather!


Primary futures visitors

As part of our work on raising aspirations and inspiring others we have had two very special visitors to come and see us.  Mr Hootten - a retired paramedic- come to see us and talk to us about the training and commitment needed to be a paramedic.  We got to try some equipment and learnt some of the scientific terms for parts of the body including the largest organ in the body.






Linda come to see us who works in the Oil & Gas industry. She helped us to draw a diagram showing the process that is used for separating oil, gas and water when it comes out of the sea.


 Standing desks

 Year six now have standing desks which mean that if we want to stand up to do our work, we can.  It’s great for those of us who find sitting down for long periods of time tricky or who like to stretch our legs!





Our Topic - A Child's War

 Eden Camp - September 2019


Hull University

Sporting Events


Kingswood 2019

The week following their SATs, 21 of the year 6 children went to Kingswood at Dearne Valley.  The children were able to participate in a wide variety of activities including: abseiling, rock climbing, raft building, archery, laser tag and aeroball!  In addition we walked over 51 km across the week and enjoyed every moment of it!

As expected the children’s behaviour was fantastic and other teachers and staff at Kingswood commented on their politeness and good manners, which was lovely to hear.

We were very proud of hard the children pushed themselves to achieve their best and took on each challenge with determination and good humour. 





Writing Sacks










World War II 


The Daily Mile


Afternoon Tea with Mrs Pollard




Weelsby Woods July 2018



Kingswood 2018






Autumn 2017 

Year six have been learning about food chains as part of their topic ‘Frozen Kingdom’.  They have learned that the sun is at the beginning of every food chain and the producer gets its energy from the sun.  The key words were producer, consumer, predator and prey.


Year six have painted some lovely rocks for the Peace Garden.


Our first topic this year was A Child’s War. We celebrated all the work we have done by inviting our families to share in a Second World War street party.  Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Martin helped the children to make rock buns and we played Beetle while wearing our party hats that we made from newspaper.



  Year 6 visit to The Briars in Crich.



    Summer 2017 - Bowling 






 Year six have finished their SATs and are getting stuck into a bit of Shakespeare. They are really enjoying Romeo and Juliet and have done some excellent acting.



Here's what some of them are saying about it...

"For a love story, it's got quite a lot of violence."  Charlie

"It's not just for girls, it's for boys too and it's the most fun thing I've done at school so far."  Tamsin

"The play is just as gory as it is romantic."  Isaac

"Even though there's death in it, it has a bit of happiness at the end because the two families become friends."  Imogen

"It's been lots of fun learning about Romeo and Juliet and acting with our friends."  Lucie

"It's a really interesting story and is a bit of a thriller - this is my favourite genre."  Sydney

"It actually sends chills down my spine."  Alice

Autumn 2016

We really enjoyed our first residential trip to Crich in Derbyshire. We had lots of fun going on a coutryside walk, singing, dancing at the disco and going to the tuck shop!





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