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How do we support and identify SEND children in school?

Identifying SEND needs

In order to identify children with SEND needs we hold a half-termly review with class teachers following our assessment procedures. This allows our teachers to identify any children who have not made expected progress in a half-term and work with the SENDCO, Headteacher and Assessment and data coordinator to identify strategies and interventions.  We also however expect teachers to assess and evaluate children's progress at the end of every lesson to ensure that children are able to make strong progress and achieve their full potential.

Supporting children with SEND

Our school supports children in two cycles. Cycle one is the first stage in this stage the class teacher may notice your child is having difficulty in one of the four areas of:

Communication and interaction

Cognition and learning

Social, mental or emotional health

Sensory and/or Physical

The teacher will then discuss concerns with you as the parent/carer and makes adjustments to support in class. This might involve a move in seating to be closer to the board, requesting an eye or hearing test, a visual timetable or some time with the learning mentor as examples.

If these amendments and strategies do not give an improvement in the difficulty shown then we move onto cycle two.  Cycle two is where we involve our SENDCo (Mrs McHugh), she will work with the class teacher and yourselves as parents/carers to enable other agencies to work with the teacher and your child to enable them to overcome any difficulties they may be experiencing.

This forms a graduated response to supporting a child and enables experienced teachers to put in place strategies they know in the first instance.  In many cases these changes make sufficient difference to allow your child to make good progress, if they do not we will continue to support them further.

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