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Mrs ECH McCullagh - Headteacher 

 I feel very privileged to be the Headteacher at St Joseph's having begun my teaching career here.  I love working within such a strong, caring and supportive team and am very proud of all of the staff and pupils who work so hard every day.  I have taught across all year groups even training in nursery but it is year 6 where I found my love of teaching.  I enjoy working with children to develop their ideas, interest, gifts and talents and really love that St Joseph's is a place where we really do 'value all in the name of Jesus the Christ'.  My favourite part of being Headteacher is Friday afternoons - this is because I get to share afternoon tea which children who exemplify all of the values we hold dearest at St Joseph's and hear all about their lives, hopes, likes, dislikes, pets and anything else they want to tell me over cake and juice! After that I go into our good work assembly and it is so uplifting to end the week celebrating the achievements, progress, talents and successes of our wonderful children.

I have three lovely dogs - one of whom was Toto in the Hollywoods' production of 'The Wizard of Oz' last year and who i enjoy walking especially along the beach.  I have recently taking up running and try to go most days before or after school as well as swimming and going to the gym but my favourite hobby that has lasted my lifetime is reading - I adore sitting in the sun with a good book!

Mrs J Bradley - Assistant headteacher & year 3 class teacher - Literacy lead

Hello everyone, I’m Mrs Bradley and I have worked here at St Joseph’s since 2003 in a variety of roles.  I teach for most of the time in lower key stage 2 although this is just part of what I do here at school.  I am also the Assistant Head Teacher which sounds very grand but just really means I do lots of things to support Mrs McCullagh. We work very closely together with our staff, children and parents to make our school the fabulous place it is to learn and work. I enjoy teaching all subjects but have a particular passion for literacy and history. I love sharing great books with the children and really enjoy watching them explore the different stories.  When I’m not working I also enjoy reading in my spare time and will read practically anything I can get my hands on!

I became a teacher 10 years ago because I wanted to help those children who sometimes find learning difficult.  I did lots of other jobs before joining this wonderful profession. This experience in the wider world, I feel helps me in many ways when working with a variety of issues and needs.

I am the very proud mum of two girls who are now quite grown up with careers of their own. I like cooking, crafting and spending lots of quality time with my family and friends.

Mrs K Melling - Year 6 class teacher - SMSC and Maths lead

Hi, I'm Mrs. Melling and I teach year six.  I started teaching at St. Joseph's in 1998 which means two things - I'm fairly old and I taught some of the parents of the children I currently teach!  I've been at St. Joseph's for such a long time as I love it so much and enjoy being a part of such a caring and kind community. The Christian ethos of the school really matches my own beliefs.  I absolutely love reading and encouraging children to read; suggesting books and helping children find reading material they enjoy is a real passion of mine.  I also like reading class stories and would love to have time to do it more often. Recently, I've taken on the roll of maths co-ordinator and love to teach maths, especially to children higher up the school, the new maths teaching methods have made maths so easy to access and I enjoy seeing children accessing such tricky concepts and getting to grips with some meaty maths problems.  So that's me, do come and find me if you are not sure what to choose from the school library, I'd love to help!

Mrs N Brooks - Year 5 class teacher - Geography and history lead

Hello, I am Mrs Brooks and I joined Saint Joseph’s in January 2020. It really is a lovely, caring school and I love working with the staff and lovely children.

I have been a teacher for 10 years and I really love my job. I have a passion for teaching and to make learning fun and engaging. I love seeing children progress and grow in their learning journey. Learning and discovering new things is an adventure! I am looking forward to joining more of you on your learning adventures. I believe you always need to keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things. Curiosity will lead you down the path of success!

I am pleased to take on the role of Science and History Co-Ordinator, and I look forward to bringing lots of practical science investigations to topics. Perhaps we have some future Scientists like Isaac Newton or Marie Curie or some great future historians in school!

I also love singing, dancing and drama and I love leading the after school Disney Club.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and I have a little boy called Harry and a little girl called Ella. I am a huge Disney fan and I love watching the films with my family and singing the songs.

Remember-‘If you can dream it, you can do it!’

Miss C Fuller - Year 4 class teacher - PE and MFL lead

Hi, I’m Miss Fuller. I couldn’t be happier to have found where I belong at our wonderful school. Ever since joining St Joseph’s as a TA in the summer term of 2016, I have been fully embraced and nurtured to become the teacher I wish to be. I am in awe of my amazing colleagues, both past and present, for their dedication to the role and for allowing me to be authentically me. The kind support I receive from our parents and carers is the icing on the cake!

The children in our care bring such joy, giving me reasons to smile every day, a gift for which I am so grateful. In my classroom, I promote my love of academia through a holistic approach with the aim to develop the whole child. Every child is supported to reach their potential and encouraged to let their light shine. I believe that discovering an honest connection to each child with their individual interests, hopes and fears allows for an invaluable insight into their world, establishing trust. From there, learning becomes all about fun. Laughter is a key ingredient to our day! 

I have always had a keen interest in foreign languages. I was lucky enough to spend some time studying at the University of Grenoble, France. As the MFL lead, I aim to enable the children to access the joys of learning about different cultures of the world and experience the delight of exploring their communication skills in new ways. Also, I lead PE which I love. It's brilliant to see the children thrive and celebrate their achievements as they surpass their individual goals. The natural positive effects physical exercise has on their minds and bodies is essential and informs their learning each day. I advocate self-reflection and wish to see every child beaming with pride, as they beat their own records and set their next challenge.

Aim high St Joes! I'll be there, proudly cheering you on. 

Mrs K Tuff - Year 2 class teacher - RE, Art and phonics lead

 Hello, I’m Mrs Tuff and I have been a member of staff here at St Joseph’s for 26 years! My first role was working as a nursery nurse working in the reception class. Whilst undertaking this role I was inspired to take up the challenge and train to become a teacher.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was being called to the vocation of teacher in catholic education and successfully completed my studies which culminated in gaining a teaching post at St Joseph’s in which I am now in my eleventh year. I have remained at St Joseph’s for so long as I value so much being part of such a truly, caring and nurturing environment where every individual is valued.

I am currently the year 2 class teacher and I thoroughly enjoy providing lots of varied and engaging playing and learning moments for my class, in a rich learning environment. I am committed to helping each child to reach their full potential as a learner not just in the classroom but in the ‘real – world’ as well.

My other roles in school are leading on the subjects RE and Art and I am also the reader leader for RWI phonics. I work closely with the Chaplaincy team in supporting them to lead on many aspects of the catholic life of our school. My favourite subject to teach is R.E. which encompasses learning through music, drama, art, discussion and allows times of sharing ideas, thoughts and stories, which I absolutely love to do.

I enjoy cycling, swimming, going to the cinema, and spending quality time with my family.  So that’s me, do say hello when you see me around school, I do love to stop and have a little chat!

Miss J Thorpe - FS2 class teacher - Joint EYFS lead and  outdoor learning lead


My name is Miss Thorpe and I have been working at St Joseph’s since September 2019. I have been a teacher for 10 years in Foundation Stage, but before I qualified as a teacher I was an N.N.E.B. Nursery nurse and have worked in Early Years for around 25 years now. I love the creative part of the curriculum, especially story reading and craft activities, which we do lots of in Reception class.

At home I love to garden and decorate, and spend time with my 9 year old son, Finlay. He loves anything to do with water so we do a lot of swimming and water sports – although I tend to spectate rather than participate!

St Joseph’s provides a very caring and supportive ethos which I love and contribute to, as I grew up in the Catholic faith. I enjoy teaching the R.E. aspect of the curriculum as it embraces PSED in the EYFS curriculum, which helps my class become my ‘little family’ and support them personally, socially and emotionally which is the foundation to learning.

I run Forest School for Shine time, so even if you are not in my class, you can join me and get to know me a bit better!

Mrs C McHugh - SENDCo - Music lead

Hi, I’m Mrs McHugh and I’m the EYFS lead at St. Joseph’s. I’ve worked at St Joseph’s for 4 years and I’ve definitely found my home here. I love being part of the St.Joseph’s family as we really do ‘value all’. I’m a firm believer in that education should be inclusive and shouldn’t be just about academic progress. All of our children excel in their own way as we understand that everyone learns in different ways and sometimes necessary adaptations need to be made to enable them to access the curriculum and school life. Children only learn when they are happy. I began my teaching career in Year 6 and have now taught every year group! For the past four years, I’ve taught EYFS. I love being part of the EYFS team, it’s very special to be part of the beginning of a child’s school journey (and their parents/carers). I’m very lucky! I’m a huge advocate for learning through play, it’s a vital part of our development. I love to keep myself fit and am a keen runner! This certainly helps me to keep up with 3,4 and 5 year olds! I have a passion for children’s books and love to share stories with them (think I see myself as a CBeebies presenter, lol, sadly I’m too old)! So that’s me, I’m very approachable and am often in the EYFS playground before school so please come and say hello!


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