St. Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy

We Value All in the Name of Jesus the Christ


Attendance at school greatly benefits your child. Statistics show that pupils with poor attendance do less well. 

Parents should ensure maximum attendance at school for their child, explaining any absence by telephoning the school on the first day of absence.

If a child is ill or attending a medical appointment, the absence will be authorised.

There are very few other reasons for which absences can be authorised.

If you wish to request a special leave of absence for your child, you must complete the form, the Headteacher will determine if the absence will be authorised or unauthorised.

Weekly attendance figures

Week ending 13th March 2020

The top attendance year group is shown in red

Well done Year 5

 Year group % Attendance
 FS2 94.5
 Year 1 92.11
 Year 2 95.83
 Year 3 94.4
 Year 4 95.48
 Year 5 98.89
 Year 6 86.87


Diary dates