Please see below for information on supporting children with dyslexia from the Made by dyslexia foundation who we are working with to support all young people in school. We are working with Made by Dyslexia who are a global charity led by successful dyslexics. Their mission is to help the world properly understand, value and support dyslexia.
EY’s groundbreaking “Value Of Dyslexia” report highlights how important dyslexic thinking is for the future, and that educators and employers should be better equipped to enable dyslexics to flourish.

They have produced some excellent fact sheets and information to support child and adults with dyslexia.



Dyslexic minds see the world differently. They think creatively, laterally, often solving problems others can’t. They have the skills of the future. And they’ve transformed our past, inventing everything from the lightbulb to the iPhone.

Spelling it out pdf