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Facebook is a great way to communicate school news, photos, videos and upcoming events and we hope by using social media we will further improve communications between the school and our community.

We also view this as a way of further engaging you in your children’s daily learning more effectively.

In order for us to enter the world of social media responsibly, we request your permission to use your child’s image on Facebook in the same way we currently do on the school’s website or in the local press.

Benefits of Social Media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, You Tube)

  • Improvement of communication links with Parents/Guardians.

  • Promote the successes of the school and our students to a wider audience.

  • Allow greater engagement with school sport and promote shared values.

  • Promote literacy and extended learning through the posting of links to relevant material.

  • Help to maintain links with past Alumni.

  • Allow for earlier notification of changes to extra-curricular timetable when it is affected by inclement weather.


We have a very active Facebook page and often share key information, photographs and upcoming events on our page. Click below and view our site.