Share your views

Parental Questionnaires

In this section you will have the opportunity  share your views on a range of different items such as SEND, Catholic life, OFSTED etc.

What have we done with your views?

You said

You said it is difficult to take time off work to attend a variety of events at the end of term

You said sometimes with multiple children it is hard to get to different events when they are on different days.


You said children should receive more homework than just reading and times tables

You said children should read at least 3 times per week and have a library book to enjoy.

You said the amount of time children spend on homework should increase as they move through school.

You said there should be no in school consequences for not completing homework.

You said that homework for foundation subjects should be topic based

You said you would like to attend parent workshops


You said that you would like more opportunities to meet with class teachers.



We did

We did a combined Enterprise fair and Christingle service to mean it was all in one day.

We did a whole school Nativity with two performances to allow everyone to attend alongside other family members

We did a new homework policy which has homework bingo now giving a variety of tasks.

We did a new launch of our reading rockets competition to challenge children to read at least 3 times per week.

We did an increase in homework expectations as children move through school.

We did a lunchtime club to help children complete homework in school if they did not have time.

We did a homework bingo which has all foundation subjects included linked to the current topic

We did a parent workshop with Andrew Whitehouse (SEND specialist) on ADHD, ODD and ASD.  Mrs McHugh and Mrs Carr are offering regular tea and talk events. CompassGo have held a parent workshop.

We have sent home reports at Advent end of term and Lent end of term. We had our February parents’/carers’ evening and our open afternoon in May.  We have our end of year reports and open afternoon in July.