Our Mission Statement

St Joseph’s Catholic Voluntary Academy Mission

Our mission statement
“We value all in the name of Jesus the Christ”

From this the following flows as day follows night. All held within the overall invitation to gather together as a Community in the name of Jesus the Christ:

We Believe

Everyone has the right to have their dignity respected, their worth valued and to become fully human and fully alive. These rights are rooted in the belief that we are created in the image and likeness of God.

We Hope

Our hope is that all who come into contact with our schools will be inspired to grow spiritually, act justly, think critically, work cooperatively as life-long learners, confident in the knowledge of God’s love for them.

We Commit

We Commit ourselves, through the Catholic Dimension of our schools

  • to develop the children’s spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical well being;

  • to treat all people with justice, respect and equality, as Children of God;

  • to encourage, as Children of God, a spirit of community and cooperation based on Gospel Values, embracing Forgiveness and Reconciliation in all our relationships.