The Wednesday Word

Bishop Patrick shared information about the Year of the Word’ initiative of the Bishops Conference of England & Wales in partnership with Bible Society. The 3 themes of; Celebrating God’s Word (Encounter), Living God’s Word (Discipleship) and Sharing God’s Word (Missionary Discipleship) weave beautifully and easily into our own 3 Diocesan themes

How to read the Bible

The Bible isn’t always the easiest book to get your head around but it’s definitely worth it!
By reading it, you can let God’s Word become a part of your life.

We’ve put together 10 key points to help you enjoy Scripture:

  1. Pray before you start reading the Bible.

  2. Learn how to find your way around.

  3. Appreciate the variety of what’s in the Bible.

  4. Don’t skip the ‘first series’ – the Old Testament.

  5. Understand how truth is expressed in the Bible.

  6. Explore the different senses of Scripture.

  7. Interpret the Bible using the three golden rules.

  8. Listen to what the Bible has to say about itself.

  9. Recognise the Bible as food for your soul.

  10. Read the Bible with other people and share ideas

How To Read The Bible Leaflet

Women in the Bible

Here you will find a series of powerpoints sharing information about women in the Bible.

New Testament



Mary Of Bethany

The Old Testament

Here you will find a series of powerpoints sharing information about the

Old Testament in Lent.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Lent Relfection

The Wednesday Word Sunday scripture & prayer resource is unique. It:

  • complements and supports the RE already provided in schools, and has minimal impact on school administration – implementation and distribution are simple

  • aims to contribute to drawing families more closely to God and to each other and creating a new form of relationship between the Church and what statistics tell us often more than 80% of all school parents who do not currently appear to be practising or enquiring about the Catholic faith
  • promotes, upholds and enhances the Catholic ethos of Catholic schools.
  • regularly shares the Gospel with all school parents, regardless of any professed faith or lack of it, whilst also acting as a regular, gentle, indirect invitation to the Church throughout the time that the family is connected to the school
  • is an effective starting point that helps avoid awkwardness in the many families where the tradition of coming together in prayer and reflection appear to have lapsed or never existed. The Wednesday Word aims to help all school families to develop Christ-centred relationships in the home – a proven way of reducing family breakdown
  • is based on the parable of the Sower and the Seed.
  • is a catholic outreach for our time which aims to share the Gospel to bring Glory to God, but needs your support. Will you help to share The Wednesday Word?