Teaching of PE

At Saint Joseph’s, we value all and our physical education is inclusive, as we believe that every child deserves to reach their full potential in sports. We teach the children to better understand how to care for themselves physically. We know the benefits that exercise has on their bodies and minds. We are a gold mark school. We follow the six spirit of the games values of Passion, Self-Belief, Respect, Honesty, Determination and Teamwork. Our teaching and values develop the children’s resilience, and sense of self-esteem. We want the children to further their knowledge, skills and understanding in the subject and to expand their cultural knowledge of wider world sporting events. We encourage all children to leave year 6 with a passion to continue and strengthen their physical education.

Curriculum Intent

We use the Primary Steps curriculum as the main mechanism through which we teach P.E.  which ensures that year-on-year the children cover the aims and compulsory P.E. coverage as defined by the National Curriculum. Across the whole school, the children’s skills are refined. When attending local competitions, our children participate with the six values in mind and are able to display their knowledge and skills at a competitive level.