The geography curriculum is designed to allow the children at St Joseph’s to flourish in the subject. The buttons surrounding this text box detail what is taught, when it is taught and why it is taught. Below on the page is a detailed explanation of how we see geography

Intent, implementation and impact statement

Knowledge progression grid

Skills progression grid

 Teaching of Geography

We use the Sonar curriculum  as the main mechanism through which we teach geography, which ensures that year-on-year the children cover the aims and compulsory geography coverage as defined by the National Curriculum. Geography is one of the ‘driver’ subjects in the ‘we are’ curriculum and teaching through this scheme ensures that year on year the children are consolidating, embedding and extending their geographical skills.   These skills include collecting, analysing, interpreting and communicating a range of ideas linked to geographical data and sources.

Curriculum Intent

In geography, we want the children to develop their understanding of the planet on which we live. We wish for them to understand the human and physical features of the world, as well as to inspire a sense of curiosity and fascination about their place within it. In this investigative subject, we wish to develop the children’s interest and understanding of diverse places, people and resources – as well as the world’s natural and human environments.