The history curriculum is designed to allow the children at St Joseph’s to flourish in the subject. The buttons surrounding this text box detail what is taught, when it is taught and why it is taught. Below on the page is a detailed explanation of how we see history.

 Teaching of History

In history we seek to use these core values to inspire the children to not just ‘do’ history, but to become historians. We want the children to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in the subject and to expand their chronological knowledge of the wider world and the events which have helped to shape the world in which we live. We want the children to leave the school with secure chronological knowledge and as critical thinkers who can understand how the past has influenced the present.

Curriculum Intent

We use the Sonar curriculum as the main mechanism through which we teach history, which ensures that year-on-year the children cover the aims and compulsory history coverage as defined by the National Curriculum. History is often the ‘driver’ subject in ‘We are’ curriculum and teaching through this scheme ensures a linear approach to the development of skills across the whole school. These skills include learning to ask perceptive questions, thinking critically, weighing evidence, sifting arguments and developing perspective and judgement.

Curriculum intent, implementation and impact statement